Glass desk solutions by Klarity Glass Furniture.

We have always loved glass desks. The perfect solution when adding style and clarity to your workspace. Over on Klarity glass furniture website there is a great range of glass desk solutions available for all design styles. Whether you’re looking for a glass desk made entirely from glass or one which fuses a beautiful array of materials Klarity have the solution.

Click the link For more Information on wood and glass desk solutions. The sumptuous combination of wood and glass creates a beautiful aesthetic. All of the desks are ergonomically design with the user in mind with features such as cable managed and storage on many of the items.

For a more lux feel you could look at the metal and glass desk solutions which offer stunning designs executed with impeccable craftsmanship. For more information see their Metal and glass desk range here


Large Glass Tables

Klarity have collated a range of Large glass tables to their website to help users easily find tables which will work well for large diner parties or as office meeting room tables.

We’ve picked out a few of our favorites.

Aikido Large Glass Table by Sovet Italia

This large glass table is manufactured using two metal bases with chrome finish bases and a large glass table top. The glass is made from beautifully thick toughened glass which perfectly compliments the highly polished metal bases.

Eros Large Rectangular Glass Table


Made almost entirely from glass this Large glass dining table works well in an office or dining environment. Its we think is minimalist form and transparent quality make this table effortlessly stylish and irresistible.

Acco Large Wood & Glass Dining Table

Large Glass Table formed from wood and glass. The two curved wood bases form column legs which effortlessly support a large thick glass table top. produced by Miniforms

you can find more of these large glass tables over at Klarity: 

New Glass Coffee Tables

Our Frends over at have just added some exciting new glass coffee tables to their website. Notably 2 from Miniforms.

Acco wood and glass coffee table.


Beautifully formed walnut wooden base elegantly supports a toughened glass table top


Gaudo Wood & Glass Coffee Table

For more wood and glass coffee tables check the page here: 

London Design Week/2016 G&R

Gallotti and Radice are due to show the brand-new exclusive Brass and Copper Accessories Collection.

Monday 14th  h. 4 p.m.
Explore Gallotti&Radice Lifestyle
Furniture, Accessories and Rugs.Italian Prosecco Aperitif.

Sunday 13th – Friday 18thh. 10 a.m.
Morning Espresso
The showroom is delighted to welcome you with an informal Italian espresso breakfast.



Glas Italia WALLPAPER* Design Awards 2016

The jury charged by the international magazine Wallpaper* met in January to assign the prestigious “Design Awards 2016”, now in its twelfth year.
We are proud to announce that GLAS ITALIA has been awarded with the prize “Best Public Hanging” assigned to “PRISM glass wardrobe” designed by Tokujin Yoshioka for our 2015 collection.



Article Ref:

Glass Wardrobe – Product ref:

Sovet Italia: Curved glass Furniture

If there is a piece of furniture which offers the purest form ever its got to be a single sheet of curved glass. Below are a few of our favorite curved glass coffee tables and also where you can order them online if you like.

Bridge curved glass coffee table

Curved nest of glass tables

Curved glass table with Drawer unit

Rubino curved glass coffee table

Sovet Italia New Range: Essentials

Sovet Italia are renowned for their expertise in Curved Glass Furniture including curved glass coffee tables. Klarity are the leading UK glass furniture retailer and they have recently added a large range of their products which are available to order through their website

The new range of products called Essentials shows a slightly different approach offering rich black glass and wood into glass and wood coffee tables and glass and wood dining tables. the selection of images below show the Regolo design.

Glass and wood coffee table from Sovet italia

glass and wood coffee table

glass and wood coffee table


Gallotti & Radice top 5 Glass and Metal Coffee tables

We love love love Gallotti and Radice glass furniture. The carefully considered use of glass and metal offers a range which is unparalleled elsewhere. So we thought it would be fun to select 5 of our favorite tables.

5. Maxim Glass and metal coffee table.

Beautifully detailed Bright stainless sleel metal frame effortlessley supports a thick glass top. We love this table as the its comes in so many shapes and sizes. The big bonus is that you can order a large coffee table at 1200mm square.



4. Golden Moon Glass and Brass Coffee Table by Gallotti & Radice

A Lux style table with beautiful Brass dishes. The clever use of glass allows the dishes to effortlessly float in the air.

Glass and Metal Coffee table with Metal dish

3.Basalto Mirror top table with stainless steel base By Gallotti and Radice

glass and metal hexagonal coffee table

2. Connection Glass and Brass Coffee Table by Gallotti & Radice

1. Haumea Glass and Metal Coffee Table by Gallotti & Radice
glass and metal coffee table