New Glass Furniture Launched by Klarity

We have been waiting for a little while to see what Klarity might come up with and they do not disappoint!

Klairty’s 1st glass furniture range introduce the ethos of the company. Simple form, maximum function, beautifully refined detailing and bespoke made to measure options on glass furniture.

Quebec glass coffee table offers a simple cubic form with 2 storage levels. The base can be finished in a variety of colours to suit.

Quebec glass coffee table detail
Glass coffee table detail showing white base option with soft rounded corners.
Quebec glass coffee table with black base
Quebec glass coffee table with black base





The Quebec glass coffee table can be accompanied by a similarly designed glass side table – available with the same finish options.

Quebec glass table for use next to sofas and arm chairs
Glass table shown with black base


for more information on the Quebec glass coffee table range visit Klarity at

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